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Restorativ will donate all profits to, and is honoured to be a strategic partner with the RJC. Together we can make a real change to rebuilding relationships!

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Blending Technology and Restorative Practices

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Restorativ is a Community Interest Company with a mission to
restore relationships using technology

We are a partnership of Academics and Technologists who understand the power of Restorative Justice (RJ) and its benefits for society.

We are a CIC with a mandate to invest in the RJ community. We are proud to say that our variable pricing model has been designed so that organizations that can afford to pay, will subsidize the many RJ practitioners who cannot.

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Restorativ helps us to do what we do best - care for our community.

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Why Blend Technology and RJ?

The benefits of RJ are well documented; it delivers results at a lower cost compared to traditional justice processes . Restorativ provides a personalized and effective solution that will meet the high standards of anyone implementing RJ:

  • By building a secure RJ community to help celebrate RJ and bring it into the mainstream
  • A focus on the needs of each person participating in the RJ process via profile driven mobile technology
  • A case management system that has been designed to supply real-time data
  • A device led restorative justice approach will put the benefits of RJ iin the hands of more people

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The Restorativ Process

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