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The first AI to help support Restorative Justice, Mediation and Mentoring

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Restorativ will donate all profits to, and is honoured to be a strategic partner with the RJC. Together we can make a real change to rebuilding relationships!

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Restorativ makes us do what we do best - care for our community

Alternatives RJ

We decided to use Restorativ because mobile technology is the way forward for the restorative justice industry

CRJ Ireland

Restorativ makes life easier for anyone who wants to manage the restoration of relationships

Brunel University

The Restorativ team offered a quick and efficient data transfer solution from our current provider which got us up and running at internet pace

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership

The Restorativ team provide a really accessible and human service when we needed a bespoke case management system. Nothing was too difficult; it was great to be able to request additional specific areas tailored to our WRAP needs alongside the RJC aligned core content.

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership

Not only is Restorativ the next generation approach to RJ, it enables us to utilise important data to help evidence the many benefits of restorative justice and ultimately influence policy

Restorative Justice Council

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Why Blend Technology and RJ?

The benefits of RJ are well documented; it delivers results at a lower cost compared to traditional justice processes . Restorativ provides a personalized and effective solution that will meet the high standards of anyone implementing RJ:

  • Incorporating AI and predictive technology to aid decision making
  • A focus on the needs of each person participating in the RJ process via profile driven mobile technology
  • A case management system that has been designed to supply real-time data
  • A device led restorative justice approach will put the benefits of RJ iin the hands of more people

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The Restorativ Process

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Restorative Justice, culture and technology

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a powerful approach to addressing harm and fostering healing, but its effectiveness is deeply influenced by culture, context and the

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Digital case management in Restorative Justice

In the evolving landscape of restorative justice, technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of RJ

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Putting the Power of Restorative Justice in your hands

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