Organisational Restorative Practice

Implementing a restorative approach inside your organisation can have significant impact on employee moral and churn. We have developed a 3 step approach that will maximize success as you transition to a restorative organisation

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    Commit Organisational Readiness

    Infrastructure Analysis

    It is important to identify the support structures you have in HR for employee communications so that any needed updates can by incorporated before you deploy a restorative approach

    Organisation Communications

    A top-down commitment to a Restorative culture should permeate into all internal processes which begins with a firm commitment by management.

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    Communicate Guidance & Principles

    Restorative Organisations Benefits

    All stakeholders need to understand the benefits for them and see examples of a restorative approach

    Help & Support

    All stakeholders should be provided with training and communications on how to absorb restorative principles into their day–to-day activity.

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    Support Tools & Process

    Restorative Mentoring

    Pre-emptive one-to-one Restorative Mentoring for vulnerable individuals that will help avoid issues before they arise and will instill a Restorative Culture in any organisation or community

    Restorative Mediation

    Once an issue has been identified but no party takes responsibility for a process of Restorative Mediation can bring that issue to concluion and improve the satisfaction of all involved.

    Restorative Justice

    If an issue has a clear person who has harmed a process of Restorativ Justice will see a reduction in repeat behaviour and the person harmed will feel more closure.

    Conflict Resolution and Restoration

Implementing a Restorative approach in your organisation will see long term cultural change and reduce employment costs as you create a community that cares.

We combine three strategies to assist large and small organisations rebuild relationships

Restorativ Practice

Phone app

Putting the Power of Restorative Justice in your hands

Restorativ Mediation

Phone app

Finding common ground via technology

Restorativ Mentoring

Phone app

Positive influence captured via our App

Restorativ App is a mobile-only solution that can be deployed in minutes and provides the following benefits:

Reduced technology costs

A solution that can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone


A solution that anyone can use via a chat room interface


A solution that brings the Affected Party into a safe and supportive environment


A solution that provides a predictive assessment for the most effective path to restoring the relationship


A solution that facilitates the most efficient learning process for the Responsible Party using predictive technology


A solution with a confidential audit trail of RJ sessions for future reference

Restorativ Central is a fully integrated online application that manages Restorative processes for large organisations:

Data analysis

Monitor and analyse RJ sessions

Project management

For large complex RJ circles

Restorativ Consulting provides organisations two key benefits:

A Readiness Assessment

Restorativ provides both an assessment and a roadmap to RJ implementation.

Implementation support

Providing support for the implementation of restorative practices and the use of Restorativ in the organization, speeding up the time to benefit.