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We can take the pain out of implementing our
Restorativ solution at your organisation.

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RJ can have significant impact:

  • Sports organisations who need to deal with racism and abuse

  • Large corporations who want to solve employee disputes

  • Health organisations who need to manage incivility issues

  • Social media companies who want a more efficient way to manage online abuse

Using Restorative Practices in your organisation will help significantly with dispute resolution because it has been proven that:

  • Restorative approaches reduce repeat issues by up to 80%

  • Increase the satisfaction in outcomes by both harmed and harmer

  • It is economically more efficient than a more punitive approach

Restorativ's Outsourcing Solution takes the pain out of implementing RJ

We get it. Implementing Restorative Practices can be daunting. Does your organisation have the skills? How about the processes? A culture ready to implement?

  • A fully virtual solution removing the need for any infrastructure costs

  • Dedicated team of trained RJ Facilitators ready to deal with your cases

  • Full reporting and case management for your HR team to analyse

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Through our strategic partnership with the Restorative Justice Council you can be confident that our solution offers high-quality, safe and effective restorative justice.

Cost Effective?... ABSOLUTELY!

We price our outsourcing solution based on the size of your organisation and number of cases we deal with on a monthly basis. This keeps everything scalable and efficient for you.