Announcing our launch and a partnership with the Restorative Justice Council!

Kalyani Twyman

Kalyani Twyman·– 06/09/2023 3:42am

It has been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce that Restorativ is finally launching its operations today! 

Restorativ is a Community Interest Corporation that has combined academic knowledge with technology to provide next-generation technology solutions to support restorative justice in the United Kingdom and beyond. At Restorativ, we truly believe that our product will be a force for good. It will help people move away from punitive approaches and towards rebuilding relationships and communities. 

On top of our own launch, we are even more excited because we get to announce a partnership with the Restorative Justice Council ( (! The Restorative Justice Council is an independent third sector membership body for the field of restorative practice and an important voice for restorative justice in the United Kingdom. Together, Restorativ and the Restorative Justice Council will revolutionize restorative justice practices and pave the way for expanding across industries. 

Keep an eye out - big things are coming! 

See more details and a press release about the company’s launch and new partnership here: www.