Dr. Pablo Romero joins the Restorativ Team!

Chris Twyman

Chris Twyman·– 02/13/2024 6:48am

Restorativ is pleased to announce that Dr. Pablo Romero-Seseña has agreed to become a Management Analyst to the organization.

Introducing Pablo, our newest addition to the Restorativ team!

With extensive experience in Restorative Justice research, Pablo holds a degree in Criminology, a Master's in Human Rights, and a PhD in the field of law and criminology. His work has focused on exploring the intersection of Restorative Justice and technology, conducting research on various topics related to Restorative Justice and victimology within the Empirical and Applied Victimology Research Group (VICRIM) of Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, in Barcelona. He has also been a visiting scholar at KU Leuven, in Belgium, and has contributed to the policy development work in the field of Restorative Justice conducted by the European Forum for Restorative Justice, collaborating as a policy intern. His publications in scientific journals and presentations at international conferences highlight his dedication to advancing our understanding of Restorative Justice practices, as his thesis research exemplifies, where he connects traditional face-to-face restoratice practices with online solutions, exploring the potential of implementing different online tools within them. With teaching experience in the criminological and victimological field, with courses on Public Policies of Security and Crime Prevention, as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice being his field of expertise, Dr. Romero will bring a holistic perspective from his research experience and academic endeavors.

Within Restorativ, his role will extend beyond research and teaching, as he will spearhead initiatives to engage with stakeholders through strategic social media management and proactive identification of relevant topics. By leveraging his expertise and passion, Pablo will play a pivotal role in propelling Restorativ's mission forward, fostering innovation and inclusivity in Restorative Justice practices.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Romero to our team and look forward to the valuable insights he will bring to our work in promoting Restorative Justice in the digital age.