JusticeTech: creating a new technology category

Chris Twyman

Chris Twyman·– 10/12/2023 12:41pm

We are excited to be a founding partner of a new initiative to create a technology approach to criminal and social justice technology:



The founding partners are:


You know all about us!

EAP Research Consulting

Expert Academic Partnerships Research Consultancy brings together the acumen of seasoned academics and industry-savvy practitioners to deliver comprehensive advisory services, targeted research, evidence-based syntheses, and innovative tech solutions. Each member of our core academic cadre holds advanced degrees at the Doctoral or Masters level and brings to the table an extensive repertoire of professional experience. Our areas of expertise span the breadth of social care, criminal justice, nursing, social work, forensic criminology, psychology, social sciences, and health sectors.

Our industry consultants compliment this academic rigour, each a recognised authority in organizational change and service delivery. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to assemble bespoke teams tailored to the precise needs of our clients, both public and private.

We excel at navigating the labyrinthine landscapes of policy and practice, offering insights that are both penetrating and actionable. Specializing in multi-stakeholder environments, we facilitate the design, evaluation, and delivery of services across a range of sectors. Our analytical frameworks and methodologies are specifically engineered to measure, interpret, and summarize complex processes and outcomes, thereby enabling informed decisions and effective implementations.


Axe Edge design

Axe Edge are a friendly bunch of designers & developers who build powerful, scalable web applications using the latest web technologies.

Working with people to design and build simple solutions to complex challenges. Axe Edge develop software to automate processes and create online experiences designed to drive audience engagement.

From marine piracy to online story writing, Axe Edge have helped build startups and injected fresh thinking into their software. Working on the cutting edge and using digital to help organisations achieve their goals.