Making next generation technology affordable for all

Kalyani Twyman

Kalyani Twyman·– 06/19/2023 11:03am

We at Restorativ want our technology to be affordable and accessible for everyone. We truly believe our product does good and we want anyone to be able to use it!

So, in order to democratize access, we have implemented a variable pricing model designed so that those who can afford to pay will help us supply the same service to those who cannot. This is big - it means that anyone can benefit from our products: big companies to small start-ups to individuals. We are committed to equitable access rather than equal access. 

Restorativ partner, Chris Twyman even says that "Restorativ's model will start the switch from volunteers to paid facilitators in the restorative justice world." We are all committed to the good that restorative justice can do, but we also know it's a lot of work. We truly appreciate all the time that restorative justice volunteers put into the cause and we think it deserves compensation. The Restorativ variable pricing model may just be the first step towards this. 

Restorativ is committed to equity and justice - from our product to the way our company is set up. Read more about our variable price model and a partnership with the Restorative Justice Council here: