Product Update for our Circle Leaders

Chris Twyman

Chris Twyman·– 06/12/2024 6:40am

Today we launched the first of a number of product updates. As each of these goes live, over the coming weeks, we will communicate what we have launched and how it benefits our users. At Restorativ we work very closely with our clients and a large portion of our product roadmap is derived from them.

What did we launch today?

·   An organizational admin page with control over multiple offices

·    An office admin page with control over that single office

·    Better management of users

·      “My Cases” where Circle Leaders can only see their cases

·      Training and Documents are now controlled at the organizational level

·      Reports are segmented at the Organisational and Office level

Nothing has changed on the mobile app. These updates are on the desktop login.

Coming soon:

·      Adding time logs to Case Notes

·      Participant management enhancements

·      Mediation and Mentoring case types

·      Enhanced Circle Leader profile

·      AI support tool


As always please email us if you need any extra support or have any questions.