Restorativ is opening its UK office

The Restorative team is opening its UK office right in the middle of the UK in the gorgeous Cotswolds.

We are very excited to locate our UK Headquarters close to some very important Restorative Justice organisations:

Restorative Gloucestershire is committed to promoting the use of Restorative Practices through facilitation, advice and by supporting others to use and develop restorative skills. Restorative Gloucestershire is a group of statutory, non statutory and voluntary sector partners that have joined with the aim of offering all people who come into contact with the criminal justice system (CJS) or who come into conflict in the community an opportunity to participate in a restorative intervention.

Restorative Justice (RJ) gives victims of crime the opportunity to have a voice.

RJ facilitates some form of communication between a victim and offender to hopefully address the feelings and consequences that have arisen from the offence.

Victims of crime include family members, witnesses and anyone else affected by the crime.

RJ is designed to allow victims to have their harm or loss acknowledged, their questions answered and some amends made if that is what they wish.

Offenders have the opportunity to take responsibility, acknowledge the impact of their actions and to try and make amends.

Together, they can work towards some form of understanding and find a positive way forward to allow the victim some sense of closure to allow them to move on.

Restorative Justice is about victims and offenders communicating in a supported environment to discuss the harm that has been caused and how to find a way to repair that harm.

For victims, meeting the person who has harmed them can be a huge step in moving forward and recovering from the crime.

For offenders, the experience can be very challenging as it confronts them with the personal impact of their crime.